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"Yawning Cat" | New Release | Art Of Dr. Seuss | Reception

HEY COOL CATS... JOIN US FOR AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT PRESENTING The Unveiling Of YAWNING CAT From THE ART OF DR. SEUSS COLLECTION With A Special Visit by MIKE HARDIN Managing Director of the C H A S E A R T Companies Publisher of The Art Of Dr. Seuss RECEPTION 7:30pm to 9:30pm POP INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES 195 Bowery (At Spring Street) New York, NY 10002 RSVP REQUIRED T. 212.533.4262 The vibe is cool this hot summer’s night Collector’s abound, all filled with delight As the beloved Doctor steals your heart The city glows with Geisel’s art So join us do, on The Bowery at Spring And don’t miss out on a splendiferous thing!

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