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We are in the business of buying and selling art so that we can help you to grow and expand your collection in an intelligent and fun way. 

If you have a a work of art that you have either acquired from Pop International Galleries, or if you own or have come across a work of art that you think you would like to trade, sell or consign to us, please feel free to contact the gallery. We are constantly on the lookout for works by ANDY WARHOL, KEITH HARING, ROY LICHTENSTEIN, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT and others. 

Additionally, we have a meaningful policy whereby a collector from Pop International, can at any time "upgrade" to another work of art so long as:


  • Your original work of art was bought from us and 

  • The upgrade is approved by gallery management. 

We are open to ideas and suggestions as to how you as a collector want to grow your collection with us, and upgrades are an effective and mutually benefiting method of doing so.

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