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Community Outreach | Special Projects

My involvement with Pop international Galleries has always been rooted in my love of the arts and the joy of being involved with colleagues and clients in a warm, friendly and creative environment.

I bring to the gallery decades of experience in marketing, development and community outreach. I have the experience of having been an ongoing asset to numerous types of businesses and organizations across the United States. I have raised tens of millions of dollars for various projects citywide through grant writing and advocacy, working side by side with Elected Officials and community leaders.

As a lifelong advocate for parents and children, I have a passion for identifying issues, creating solutions, and overseeing their implementation from start to finish. It is my greatest pleasure to assist in helping Pop to fulfill the underlying philosophy of its mission statement, which pledges continued involvement in society at large, by participating in, supporting, and sponsoring, meaningful community and charitable events. No special idea or project will ever be viewed as too large or too small for consideration. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any interesting concepts and we can explore the possibilities together.

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