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Founder | Owner

I came to the USA in the early 80's after leaving South Africa during the apartheid years. I earned an MFA in sculpture from the Cranbrook Art Academy near Detroit, and eventually set up a studio and settled in New York City where I have lived and worked in the visual arts ever since. 

Straddling the art world, both as a gallerist and as an artist, I would like to think that I have developed a keen understanding of what collectors really want and need. In establishing POP International Galleries - alongside the great people who work here and with the fantastic artists we represent - we have indeed created the perfect vehicle through which to address those needs.

Over the years, I remain struck by a few things that are constant at POP. Through the relationships we forge and the reputation we continue to build, the collections we help grow tend to remain with people for many years...sometimes even generations. What we do adds value and substance to their lives in both subtle and profound ways, and consequently, I am convinced that as families grow, so should their art collections!

As POP is now into its third decade of operation, I am humbled and deeply grateful for the unwavering loyalty and continued support of our collectors and friends the world over. I am also very appreciative of the devotion, hard work and loyalty of the amazing people with whom I work; but more than anything, I am filled with gratitude for the enduring support and love of my family.


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