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Fernando “Ski” Romero is a New York based graffiti muralist and overall artist who was born in Astoria, Queens. He attended Parsons School of design where he earned his degree in Marketing/Advertising communication.



Romero’s career began in 1990 painting trains in New York and quickly graduating to trucks and streets once the crackdown started. New York was the mecca of graffiti, and the birthplace of a special culture which many knew little about. It started with the art of repetition, and quickly expanded to something larger than life. He sold his art in the streets of Soho New York from 2005 to 2009, which is where he learned different techniques and was able to put his marketing education to the test. 


Fernando “Ski” Romero Art: 

Just like the layers of a city or the human body, he has been able to create the same feeling through photography, mixed mediums, and silk-screening. Painting large scale interior/exterior murals of art that tell a story of where he has been and his experiences. To understand the work you must pull it apart layer by layer. The first being an abstract masterpiece which is then overlaid with building, graphical elements, and graffiti that mask the walls. Creating is a race against time, because in due time, all that we see now will be a distant memory, but in his work, it will all exist. His desire is to inspire those who see his work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places, even in Graffiti. 



Fernando’s art has been featured on House of Lies, Californication, and The Ray Donovan show along with countless group shows in the U.S. and internationally. His collection has been exclusively represented at Pop International Galleries in New York City for the past 7 yrs.


In 2018, Fernando curated his first major show in NYC titled #BrushUp2018, where he brought together 31 major artists to raise over $50k for Smile Design Manhattan.  In 2019 he curated “Here and Now” at POP partnering with Tats Cru, DAZE, Nick Walker, Eric Orr, and John “Crash” Matos.  His goal is to continue curating experiential events, bringing together art, music, and great causes. 


Fernando Romero currently lives and works in Long Island City, NY in the United States.

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