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DAVID ANSON RUSSO is recognized as one of the world's premier creative artists. An innovator for over 30 years, his newest artistic brand "What A Great Life" is now captivating audiences everywhere.

Russo captured the professional creative community's attention in the 1990s with his dramatic maze designs, resulting in 30 licensing deals, an 11 book contract with Simon & Schuster and a QVC appearance. His "Absolute Amazement" ad was one of the most popular in the Absolut Vodka series and Mad Magazine commissioned him to create a portrait of Alfred E. Newman for their coveted 1993 Collector's Edition cover.

Television was a natural segue for Russo, who has helped create a myriad of new television properties. These include Combat Missions (2002, Mark Burnett Productions), Magic Johnson's Whose Got Game (MTV) and Paula Abdul's Hey Paula (BRAVO).

Since the debut of What A Great Life, Russo has been creating commissioned pieces, animated greeting cards and other new products. He is also creating paintings at live appearances to benefit great charitable causes. His maze artwork is perpetually touring North America and can be seen in various museums.


WHAT A GREAT LIFE is a philosophy and a way of life expressed through an art style of hundreds of unique and whimsical images that depict all the good things in life. It is all about what brings people joy, and how to manifest that joy in one's day to day experiences and in all aspects of one's life. The images are all designed to make you happy and feel good; not just in a surface way, but more in a deeply connected way by using all the core elements we hold dear. This work is not simply just an art style; it's a way of living and thinking. “What a Great Life" is about being grateful and appreciative for the life you have and ringing out every minute of every day with no regrets. These are the concepts inherent in this an style, and what you will see in the upcoming show at Pop International Galleries.

~ David Anson Russo

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