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Free At Last
The Fly Of The Tiger
Now More Than Ever
I Got This
Sipping Liberty 3
Peace Baby!
Bombs Away
War & Peace
Welcome To Vegas
Wish You Were Here
Coat of Arms
Sipping Liberty 1
Concentrated (BLACK)
When I Grow Up
Brexit Cheetah
Embrace It
I Dreamed A Dream
Don't Fix What Isn't Broken
The Last Tango
Wass ZUP
Sorry I'm Late
Raging Bear Hug
Irrelephants On Parade


Artist Dom Pattinson smelts care-free, audacious attitudes and sassiness with Street Art influences to produce his own inDOMitable style.

Refining and nourishing his unpolished creativity as a younger man, Dom attended Winchester School of Art and graduated with a BA (Hons) and his post-graduate education saw him matriculate to the Glasgow School of Art to study for an MA which stoked a pursuit for a creative outlet and a platform to from which to convey a very personal message. 

Dom’s predominant influences are two-fold. He spent a length of time as a student living in the Soviet Union and was immersed in the propaganda art in which Russia was imbedded, and then Northern Ireland, where he witnessed young Sinn Fein activists with heightened emotions, which were expressed with politically motivated public displays – street art in its rawest form. Dom “realised that love and hate were different sides the same coin” and it was this concept of conflicted emotion that reminded him of the strife of teenage-hood; his and his own children.

Seeing the irony in watching his daughters grow from sweetness into women-hood, through emotional trauma, and not being able to control it, plays a pivotal role in his work. This is amplified by his ten years of turbulence he experienced as a teacher. Teaching allowed relationships with teenagers other than his own to form, from whom he draws stories and emotions and consolidates the dilemmas his own children faced, which conceptually flourishes into some of his best work to-date.

As Urban Art is fast becoming popular; the marriage between Street Art and  universally digestible fine art is blurred with Dom’s original thought and application of mixed media on canvas and paper. His art transcends the exponential, mode-de-jour of the Graffiti Art Movement of recent years because his pieces inherently omit the bounds that street art in public areas impose; his art is produced on traditional material and is found hanging on walls in homes, galleries and private collections. It is this highly personal approach that sets him apart.

Dom creates sassy, provocative imagery that connects with everyone on different levels - a fundamental pillar of Urban Art. His work is often comprised of repeated stencil patterns using a pastel palette contrasted with bold black, interspersed with bursts of flavorsome color. Experimentation with printmaking, stenciling, spray-painting, collage and acrylics help him to capture his muse, which is nothing more than everyday life. 

Dom’s paintings merge concepts laced with reminiscent connotations of wayward teenage-hood, with poetic motifs which more often than not, boast a wily and daring satire. 

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