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 No Place Like Home
Black Swan
Under Surveillance
Commercial Rodents
Cleopatra (Liz Taylor)
Audrey Version 1
Son Of Sam
Central Park
Daily News
Audrey M.P. Version 2
Welcome To Wonderland
The Flight Of Dumbo
Famous #1 (Ingrid Bergman)
Museum Of Modern Broadcasting
“The Artist”, 2019 (96 x 72 x 2-1_2_) Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas  (2)
Curtain Puller #1 of 5 Detail


Confronting the infamy of graffiti in popular culture in relation to other forms of canonical art, contemporary artist Chris Boss uses a self-developed style he refers to as “faux stenciling,” combining the laborious process of using a pointillist technique to create realistic like portraits with the imitative tags of reckless graffiti. Chris seeks to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished when two traditionally disparate avenues of art come together by filling every square inch of the canvas with thousands of dots, pushing the level of detail to a photorealistic fidelity, before adding a variety of pigment with various techniques commonly used by street artists.
An emerging artist with a collegiate career focused on the study and practice of art, Chris currently resides and exhibits his work throughout the New York Metropolitan area.  

Chris Boss is currently collected internationally and domestically throughout the U.S. His work has featured on various television shows and has been acquired by celebrities and T.V. personalities.

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