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Pink Skull
Truckin Pass Set
Red Skull
Naughty Dancing Bear
Grateful Skull
American Skull
Blue Dancing Peace Bear
Epic Grateful Skull



Reonegro | Philosopher | Court Jester | Artist

Chosen by The Dead to bring the backstage pass to life. 160 original designs. Dark and playful. Vibrant and eternal. Characters as colorful as the band they celebrate. The passes thematically linked to each venue. A triptych for Vegas. Three shows. Three passes. Pieces of a puzzle that fit together. To tell a story. About a band. About a town. About a time.

Antonio Reonegro holds a BFA in Communication and Design from Pratt Institute and studied at the Passalacqua School of Illustration & Design since 1986. His many exhibits, awards and lectures include most recently the 2013 ArtExpo NY - Grateful Dead artwork; 2012 Rose from the DEAD exhibit at Wagner College; 2010 New York Historical Society - Grateful Dead Artwork Exhibition "Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New-York Historical Society. Since 1989, Antonio has designed and created artwork for the Grateful Dead. Over 160 illustrated Backstage passes, numerous t-shirt designs, logos and sketches have been produced for the Dead.

Most notably, his iconic Grateful Dead backstage pass artwork was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 for the backstage passes he created for their Spring Tour. The 1991 Spring Tour "Circus Train Backstage Passes" are now a part of the permanent collection.

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