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Red Soul
13th Crystal Skull
Yellow Mini
The City That Never Sleeps
Paint Me Ruby
Fatto in Cina
From Paris With Love


Stephen Graham is a South African-born Artist who graduated from the prestigious and world-renowned Central Saint Martins school in London. Stephen is best known for his integrated Pin Art creations which feature pins and SWAROVSKI® Crystals to form iconic objects, logos and symbols.

Stephen has always been intrigued by negative space and how this translates into interesting compositions and uses this theatrical platform to intricately construct and create three-dimensional artworks with his precision “pin” technique. Stephen’s ability to transform a hard edge pin and iconic images into something which takes on a life of its own using SWAROVSKI® Crystals as a colour pallet.

With a background in Theatre Design Stephen combines his love of theatre, film and design to create works that are both intricately beautiful and poignantly provocative. The visual impact of each artworks combined with the subtle criticism of our mass consumer culture, nostalgia and social structures, makes for a fascinating collection that entices not only the eye, but also the mind.

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