Um Simples Poema II

Nao Sei Viver

City Of Women

O Beijo

Ella Passou Un Ver

I Feel The Love



Panmela Castro is a Brazilian artist who utilizes graffiti as a platform to raise awareness on women's rights and the prevalence of domestic violence occurring to women both in Brazil and globally. In 2006, Brazil passed a landmark law called the "Maria da Penha Law" which recognized that physical abuse towards women should be illegal and violates human rights. Panmela decided to inform people about the power of this law through graffiti and Street Art, hoping that through her work, women would come to know that they have rights and legal protections. She also formed Rede Nami, an urban network where female urban art raises awareness on gender inequality through public art and graffiti. Rede Nami provides workshops for women and girls, teaching them about domestic violence through the power of graffiti and Street Art.

195 Bowery • New York • NY •10002