Ur New York, founded and created by Michael “2ESAE” Baca, a born and raised New York City artist.


His mixed media art pieces are bold and iconic. Paying homage to New York City streets, evoking a sense of familiarity that resonates with viewers. Michael draws inspiration from his environment and authentic experiences. Some of Michael’s go-to mediums include silk-screen, photography and graffiti art.


When he is not brainstorming or experimenting in the studio, Michael travels in the name of artistic philanthropy. Reaching out to and working with the youth, for they are the future of our city, Michael teaches various cultures, graffiti art and the importance of confidence and self expression.


The overall mission is to educate, restore, highlight, and strengthen the very essence of energy and culture in New York City. 

195 Bowery • New York • NY •10002